Northern New England Vascular Society was founded by Betty LaBombard, Maryann Waters, Anne Musson and Nancy Gardner in 1994 as an Affiliate Chapter of the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU). Due to logistical issues and member relocation the chapter went inactive in 2005 until Steve Knight, Nicole Ball, Sue Maguire and Jack Siegel re-activated the NNEVS in 2009.  In January of 2017, NNEVS became an independent Non-Profit Vascular Ultrasound Society, no longer affiliated with SVU as a chapter.

Today NNEVS offers two conferences annually to provide medical professionals an opportunity to earn 5 CMEs™ at EACH conference and operates as a non-profit organization for scientific or educational purposes.



Our mission is to provide an opportunity for the Northern New England Sonographers, not just vascular, but all sonographers a means for continuing medical educational programs and sharing of opportunities for growth.


Angela Boivin, President
Jeff Yarus, Vice President
Derek Butler, Treasurer
Shaela King, Secretary


Presentation slides from the spring and fall conferences are now available to all registered attendees with password access.

Our many thanks to the corporate sponsors of our 2018 conferences: